Williford Orman Construction, LLC is the joining of two very experienced and qualified construction professionals, Wayne Williford and Paul Orman, who have worked together on numerous projects. We have been licensed and incorporated for over two years. We were an integral part of McCrory Building Company, being employed by McCrory almost since its inception. We have both “grown up” together professionally over the last twenty three years and between us we have over 62 years experience in the construction industry. The experience and contacts we have made during that time are invaluable. We have worked closely with many architects, engineers, and developers on projects to create a real team effort as it takes a team, not an individual, for success.

Our resume includes medical, commercial, industrial, institutional, condominium and hospitality construction. Our broad range of work is an asset that gives us more experience and helps us serve our clients better. A large portion of the work was self performed, thereby significantly contributing to the success of every project, both economically as well as from a scheduling standpoint.

We also pride ourselves in our quality and fairness. It is a lot easier to “measure twice and cut once”. This also results in competitive pricing from quality subcontractors and suppliers who know they are going to be treated fairly on a well run project.








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